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    Passion Unleashed: Chew Green's Tangy Passion Fruit Gummies


    Ditch the blah, embrace the tropical ta-dah! Chew Green's Passion Fruit Gummies aren't just snacks, they're mini dance parties in your mouth. We're talkin' a tangy tango of real passion fruit, a flavor fiesta that'll whisk you away to a sun-drenched island without leaving your desk.


    Get ready to:

    • Pucker Up for Paradise: No fake fruit flavors here, friend. We let the juicy, vibrant tang of real passion fruit do the talking (and tasting). Each gummy's a burst of sunshine, with hints of citrus and floral whispers that'll leave you saying "ole!"
    • Fuel Your Groove: Made with real fruit puree and plant-based pectin, these gummies are the guilt-free way to keep your energy high and your happy dance on loop.
    • Chewy Satisfaction: Soft, but with a delightful bite, these gummies are like a tropical sunset – sweet, tangy, and oh-so-satisfying.


    Chew Green's Passion Fruit Gummies are:

    • Your mid-day escape: Ditch the boring desk lunch and get your groove on with a taste of paradise.
    • The perfect party favor: Impress your friends with unique tropical chews that'll get the party started.
    • The ultimate adventure fuel: Hit the hiking trail or conquer the gym with a backpack full of tropical good vibes.


    So skip the ordinary and get passionate! Grab a bag of Chew Green's Passion Fruit Gummies, and let the tango begin!

    Passion Fruit Gummies - 200g

    • 53% Passion Fruits / 20% Pectin / 15% Glucose Syrup / 10% Carageenan / 2% Citric Acid

    • Keep cool and dry. Store in airtight container up to 12 months.

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