"We are snackers looking to make snacks REAL & GOOD

for the health, the people who make them, and the planet where they're made."

It all started at home when mom tried to convince us that healthy can be tasty. Then we discovered the sweet taste and chewy texture of her unstoppable sun-soaked banana coins, and haven’t been able to stop munching on them since. Since then, it’s always been our belief that the best tasting food does not have to be all fancy and extravaganza, but rather is made by people who care and are passionate about what they do. Every day simple comfort food can really turn into something really special and unique. Today, we share with you the love and care our mom has put into her chews with Chew Green. 

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"Keeping Things REAL & GOOD, we at CHEW GREEN promise

to make & source great-tasting real healthy products

that are wholesomely good

so you can truly enjoy snacking without worries."

Getting the best fresh and seasonal raw materials is at the heart of what we do. We work with eco-sustainable local growers and producers who also put a lot of hearts and hands into nurturing the best quality fresh and seasonal raw materials. This means organically home-grown, non-GMO and pesticide-free produces. This also mean extra love and care in really knowing what they like to nurture them to natural optimum tastes and texture. And this also means the best variety of the produces in their locality that are of the best quality they can be enjoyed fresh without worries. 


We put our hearts into crafting precious ingredients with meticulous care and details to keep them at their best, as real and natural as possible without anything unnecessary added. We make sure our production process is environmentally-friendly and is kept to the minimal. Made only in small batches with meticulous attention to time and temperature to ensure quality standard and freshness, this means real and natural tastes and textures without anything else needed - no artificial colors, flavors, or any of the fake stuff. 


The very reason we do what we do is so that you can enjoy the best quality heart-comforting healthy and tasty snacks without any worries. No matter what your favorite chews are, you can rest assured that they are full of hearts, and can really be enjoyed whole-heartedly guilt-free and worry-free! 



In making our snacks truly real & good in a market full of industrially-cultivated, heavily-processed food products, we want to make sure we contribute to the sustainability of small-scale growers and local producers who put their passion and dedication to nurturing the best quality produces and to creating delicious healthy products so that every chew is always REAL & GOOD for the health, for the people who make them, and for the planet where they're made.