• An all-time favorite fruit, strawberries are among the first of the many agricultural produces introduced to Thailand under the royal development projects in replacement of opium crops widely cultivated among the Northern Thai hill tribe people.


    When the season comes, we make sure only fresh quality strawberries are selected and dried to perfection so that the end results are generous-sized luscious and sweet aromatic dried strawberries. With no artificial flavors or colors added, each bite is full of heart-healthy nutrients and natural antioxidants.

    200g CHEWER PACK | Premium Dried Strawberries

      • Contain powerful antioxidants including vitamin C, folate, Anthocyanins, quercin and kaempherol, which together form an excellent line of defense against cancer while also helps boost functioning of the brain and nervous system.
      • Rich in potassium and magnesium content – effective in lowering high blood pressure, and easing blood flow to various parts of the body
      • Contain nutrients that help stimulate metabolism and reduce appetite
      • Excellent source of vitamin C – boosts immunity, promotes eye health & keeps wrinkles at bay.
      • Low in calorie, no cholesterol, and high in fiber
      • No artificial colors or flavors

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