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  • Irresistibly thin and crispy, our Lightly Salted Banana Crisps are heart-made with locally-harvested green Plantain Bananas. Selecting just the right variety and ripeness, the bananas are sliced to perfect thins for unstoppable crunch and cooked with a small pinch of salt to enhance the naturally sweet and creamy flavors. Each golden yellow crisp is packed with wholesome nutrients and gut-friendly goodness.


    • Rich in fiber and resistant starch that act as a prebiotic for the gut; improve digestive health, keep cholesterol in check, and help keep hunger at bay
    • Low on the glycemic index; better for blood sugar
    • Great souce of potassium and iron; boost brain power and helps reduce anemia 
    • Rich in Vitamin B6 and tryptophan, a mood-regulating amino acid that elevates mood
    • Packed with antioxidant, carotenoids, and a healthy mix of minerals that can boost eye health 
    • Contains magnesium, manganese, and beta and alpha carotenes- essential nutrients for healthy body 

    Lightly Salted Banana Crisps (130g)

    • Cavendish Banana / Salt / Rice Bran Oil

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