A basket full of hearty indulgences! Impress anyone with our signature heart-crafted snacks from melt-in-your-mouth premium freeze-dried goodies to heart-comforting nutty crunches to unstoppable fruit chews and to heavenly chocolate bites. 


      • White & Dark Chocolate Covered Macadamia 230g
      • Premium Freeze-Dried Mangosteen 70g
      • Premium Freeze-Dried Durian 75g 
      • Premium Dried Fruits Mix 240g 
      • Premium Dried Mahachanok Mangoes 120g
      • Premium Dried Dragon Fruits 120g
      • Premium Dried Strawberries 50g
      • Soft-Dried Mangoes 100g
      • Whole Roasted Golden Macadamia 200g
      • Lightly Salted Deluxe Mixed Nuts 200g
      • Roasted Thai Tom Yum Peanuts 200g
      • Roasted Thai Larb Deluxe Mixed Nuts 70g

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