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@2020 by Chew Green


It all started at home when mom tried to convince us that healthy can be tasty.

Then we discovered the sweet taste and chewy texture of her unstoppable

sun-soaked banana coins, and haven't been able to stop munching on them since.

And since then, it's always been our belief that the best tasting food

does not have to be all fancy and complicated, but rather is made by people

who care and are passionate about what they do. Today, we share with you

the love and care our mom has put into her chews with Chew Green. 

We put our hearts into crafting products that are as real and as natural as possible

without anything unnecessary added. We work with local growers and producers

to make sure our raw materials are cultivated to natural optimum tastes and textures

and are processed in ways that preserve as much those genuine tastes and textures

with as little chemicals involved as possible.

Getting the best fresh and seasonal raw materials is thus at the root of what we do.

It means the best variety of the produces that we can get our hands on.

It means knowing what they like in order to cultivate them to natural optimum tastes and textures.

It means precious raw materials that require meticulous care and minimal process.

It means real and natural tastes and textures without anything else needed -

no artificial colors, flavors, or any of the fake stuff.

It means worry-free, delicious chews that are healthy to the body and the mind.

It means everything that we stand for as Chew Green. 

We hope you'll enjoy them...just like we have, and still do!


We want to make sure that we support and contribute to the sustainability of

small-scale growers and producers who put their passion and dedication

to nurturing the best quality produces and to creating delicious and healthy products

that are chemical-free and worry-free.